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TimeOut With The SportsDr. Podcast

May 23, 2022

In this episode of TimeOUT With The SportsDr, Edward Jones II joins the podcast. Mr. Jones is a former coach, author of an Ebook Beyond The Field and host of The Player Development podcast. He is an athletic administration professional with 6+ years of creating 170+ programs, initiatives and events for student-athlete development. He has proven success in helping student-athletes achieve their academic, personal and social goals. This episode is packed with tips to help athletes create generational impact and acieve their full potential in life Beyond The Field.

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I’m Dr Derrick Burgess, board certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Sportsmedicine specialist, and host of TimeOut With The SportsDr Podcast. This is the show where life, sports and medicine intersect!

Are you a young professional who is successful but not fulfilled? Are you interested in changing the trajectory of your family for future generations? Do you feel that everything you know about money is just enough to keep you caught in the rat race?

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