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TimeOut With The SportsDr. Podcast

Oct 10, 2022

How do you cope with life's uncertainty? What are you willing to sacrifice for success? 

Everyone aims for success, but not everyone can do whatever it takes to get there. Some of us might find ourselves stuck with a profession with no growth, yet we remain on the line even though it limits our ability to thrive. We've been taught that success is only for brilliant people. However, we must understand that hard work and determination can supersede intelligence. 

We all have a unique path to take, and each step we make determines who we become. Indeed, it is agreeable for everyone to say that life is challenging though we go through it differently. We can encounter catastrophes and slip-ups, rejection, and disappointments along our journey, but we must never quit. We must remember that even the bad things contribute something good to our progress. Therefore, we must never let a single opportunity go to waste, although it may require us to sacrifice things such as time, effort, and even our treasures. Our guest speaker concluded, "sometimes you have to give up something good to get something better."


Dr. Timothy Baghurst is a husband, father, author, speaker, coach, and professor of Education and the Director of FSU COACH: Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching. He earned his doctorate in kinesiology from the University of Arkansas and has three additional graduate degrees from three different countries. Tim's teaching includes a multidisciplinary educational and athletic background. His teaching incorporates his experiences working with various athletic and Coaching athletes and organizations at the community, collegiate, professional, and international levels. Dr. Baghurst is a highly qualified coach and coach educator with significant experience in various sports at all ages. 


In this special episode with Dr. Timothy Baghurst, we'll learn about the journey of a man who grew up in a missionary field. He came from a household where no one had ever gone to college, but his hard work and determination brought him to a better place. Though he often finds himself uncertain of his career path, he never quits utilizing the opportunities presented to him. He might not be the brightest guy in the class, but his hard work and perseverance enabled him to find his place of purpose.


"We get one shot at whatever we're trying to achieve. But if we're not prepared for that because we've been slacking and watching Netflix or skipping classes or not going to work on time, we'll have to pay the price." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:19) Introducing our special guest, Dr. Timothy Baghurst

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(00:03:42) A missionary kid: The interesting childhood of Dr. Timothy Baghurst

(00:05:26) How Tim's environment shaped him as an individual

(00:06:53) Coaching internationally: What is it like to coach athletes from different countries?

(00:08:28) The journey of becoming a Florida State University professor

(00:10:26) Lesson number one: Success requires effort, dedication, and determination

(00:11:21) Many degrees don't truly prepare you for a career.

(00:13:37) When Tim finally got a career path

(00:15:27) Lesson number two: Find a mentor

(00:15:50) Lesson number three: Talk is cheap, don't hold on to people's promises

(00:16:35) Lesson number four: Listen to your spouse

(00:17:36) Lesson number five: Family come s first

(00:19:15) The beginning of Tim's coaching profession

(00:21:31) Do not live on regrets; no steps are wasted in life.

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(00:25:23) Take advantage of networking: Leverage your network through mentorship.

(00:27:08) Coaching involves a growth mindset.

(00:30:01) What FSU COACH: Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching program offers

(00:33:29) A school without tests

(00:37:35) Well-equipped coaches benefit the community

(00:39:02) Final TimeOut with Dr. Timothy Baghurst: Why is it necessary for somebody who aims to be a coach to undertake a program for Coaching?

(00:40:18) Delayed gratification: Master's degree is an investment for a long-term goal.

(00:43:23) Connect with Dr. Timothy Baghurst  


Key Takeaways:

"Growing up in certain parts of the United States where it is common to be the only black kid in a class or a team. But when that role is reversed, it's usually not something that a lot of people that are the majority get to experience." -Dr. Derrick Burgess


"What is it like to coach in a different country? What is it like to coach athletes from a different country? We've seen a huge shift in how many student-athletes come from other countries on scholarship because coaches now are willing to recruit from anywhere." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"You don't have to be brilliant to become successful; you have to want it and work hard. You can make up for deficits in other areas, such as intelligence." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"One thing I do see a lot of which occurs in college is students get their degree, but then it's a now-what situation. And many degrees don't prepare you for a career." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"Find a mentor. Find somebody to help you with getting through things. And that was a huge mistake for me. Nobody helped me, and so I floundered. Though we could argue that floundering benefited me later, I floundered." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"When somebody promises something, don't take them at their word because talk is cheap." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"No steps are wasted. Enjoy each day, each experience; it's all shaping us to be unique individuals." -Dr. Derrick Burgess


"It's a process where we learn from things and get better at what we do. And as long as we have that intention of getting better from learning from our mistakes, there's less regret involved." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"Sometimes we rely on networking but don't have the training and knowledge that we need to take advantage of that networking when the opportunity's there." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"We want our coaches to be well-equipped because often a coach could play the role of a parent. And that's not far-fetched to think about because so many athletes spend more time with their coach than their parents." -Dr. Derrick Burgess


"If you spend your entire training learning to identify, diagnose and treat, but you never learn how to interact with a human being, you could be brilliant at what you do, but nobody wants to work with you because you don't listen or you don't care." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


"Sometimes you got to give up something good to get something better." -Dr. Timothy Baghurst


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