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TimeOut With The SportsDr. Podcast

Oct 3, 2022

Research had found that 90% of C-suite women played sports when they were young. They believed that sports played a significant role in their success and that it taught them valuable lessons that made a difference. Sports develop advantageous characteristics within an athlete that takes shape through training and discipline.  These experiences enable them to face the world with confidence and enthusiasm. We do not doubt that every parent wants their kids, especially young girls, to become successful adults in the future. We want the next generation to be achievers and goalkeepers. Therefore, introducing them to the athletic world has proven to impact their ability to prosper.

However, there is an area worth addressing. Women athletes have tremendous needs that are not being addressed from a physical and mental health standpoint. For instance, when a female athlete decides to continue her career while aiming to have a family of her own, she is positioning herself in a very precarious  situation. They tend to be depressed and pressured by the effects of their decisions concerning childbirth, motherhood, and being an athlete. We must acknowledge the realistic difficulties a female athlete could encounter, which are highly ignored; and raise mindfulness concerning their physical and mental wellness.

Dr. Gregory Charlop is a father, author, speaker, wellness expert, physician, and pediatric anesthesiologist by training. Known as the wellness champion of the stars, Dr. Greg is one of the country's most sought-after physicians. He is also the founder of Retired Athlete Health and created the Seven-Week Wellness Program to fill the team void for retired athletes. With research showing that over 90% of c-suite women played youth sports, Dr. Greg made it his mission to promote girls' athletics and leadership. Dr. Greg is also the author of Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night's Sleep.


In this special episode with Dr. Gregory Charlop, we'll learn about a man committed to enhancing women athletes' health and mental wellness. He will enlighten us about the women athletes' tremendous need for necessities and the depression they encounter as they continue pursuing their goals in life and the athletic world.


"The role I'm playing is to bring other people together who care about them and are innovative. And come up with solutions, to help fund them, or to bring governmental entities together to hopefully craft more powerful solutions than I could do on my own." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:15) Introducing our special guest, Dr. Gregory Charlop

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(00:02:10) The interests outside of medicine: Where did it start?

(00:03:32) The tremendous pressure to do none other than what you've trained to do.

(00:04:27) Be sure of your choices: Why did you genuinely choose to go down this path?

(00:06:21) From Soccer to C-Suite Program: What is the idea behind this program?

(00:09:11) Helping kids succeed Factor affecting depression in young females.

(00:09:55) The contrast in Dr. Charlop's career: Being both an anesthesiologist and a sports philanthropist

(00:12:18) The Women's sports forum: What does it entail?

(00:14:05) A problem worth addressing: The underserved needs of women athletes.

(00:15:50) Who's taking care of the athletes?

(00:17:31) Anxiety experienced by female athletes: The impactful decision faced by women athletes

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(00:20:28) A relatable figure: Realistic adversities experienced by female athletes

(00:22:30) Breaking the societal norm about successful people

(00:23:41) The motivation for writing the book "Why Doctors Skip Breakfast: Wellness Tips to Reverse Aging, Treat Depression, and Get a Good Night's Sleep."

(00:27:52) The evidence-based recommendation treatments for anti-aging

(00:29:44) Sleep deprivation leads to poor eating habits.

(00:33:29) Final TimeOut with Dr. Gregory Charlop: How do you advise somebody on how to get started on more of a healthy  lifestyle and healthy living?

(00:34:21) Motivational interviewing: Figuring out the internal motivation for people to change.

(00:36:53) Connect with Dr. Gregory Charlop


Key Takeaways:

 "There's this tremendous internal pressure to do what you've trained to do. But you have to answer yourself and figure out what is interesting to you and how you want to spend your time." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"I interviewed a lot of very successful businesswomen, and almost all of them played sports. And they all felt that sports were important to them and helped get them to where they were. And it taught them valuable lessons that made a difference, and I think helped them succeed in the business world." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"Social media plays a big role in teenage girls' depression. The combination of factors outside of COVID plus Covid, I think, has pushed a lot of kids over the edge. So, I think there's a lot of concern now about what we do to help these kids out." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"There's a breathtaking amount of anxiety that I've seen among teenagers that is just unbelievable." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"And what we identified is that women athletes have tremendous needs that are not being addressed from a physical health standpoint." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"But I think the myth is that all professional athletes are playing on these with these great organizations, flying in private planes, standing in five-star hotels, and having private chefs and cooks, but that's truly not the truth. Especially if you started to get down to some of the smaller sports that don't create a lot of revenue, you might not be getting the necessities." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"If you think about it, say you're a 25-year-old woman athlete or a 30-year-old woman athlete, and you're still performing, but you want to have a family. That is a huge, impactful decision for a woman, much more so than for a male athlete. And so, it creates a lot of stress for female athletes because it puts them in complicated positions." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"The more that athletes open up and the more they feel comfortable expressing what they're going through." - Dr. Derrick Burgess


"A lot of people look at aging that way, like that we are the wooden table on the patio, but I think there's this growing sense that we have much more control over the rate and how we age than we used to think." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"Your sleep and diet interface with each other. It's also true that if you eat a lot of food before you sleep, that impairs the quality of your sleep." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


"When the person talked about his problem, and he said he wants to improve, swim with the stream and try to focus on aspects that they've shown some internal willingness." - Dr. Gregory Charlop


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