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TimeOut With The SportsDr. Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

Who are you outside of what you do? If things went out of your plan, how would you face life and remain on the winning path?


We may make our plans, but God has the final say, and He directs our paths. The human mind has a finite ability to determine the future. However, we can never envisage certain circumstances that the future might give us, such as accidents and mistakes. When bumping into the misfortunes of life, most of us often get discouraged and drown ourselves in all of the negative thoughts, thinking we're a failure. But let us realize that we are more than what we do. 


Since we don't have a hold of the future, we must consider preparing ourselves for what lies ahead. For instance, on the athletic field, athletes may encounter an injury that could alter their career or maybe lead to early retirement. Therefore, we must figure out who we are and who we can be outside our expertise. Moreover, we must treasure every opportunity we have and never use our platforms for selfish ambitions. Despite our troubles, we must not focus on gaining but on adding value to people around us because, as we do, we make ourselves more valuable in their lives. As our guest speaker said, "whatever you're going through in life, in the middle of your mess, don't miss your message."


Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr. is an athlete, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and certified Athlete Mental Health advocate. He is the founder and creator of Sports Life Business. Derrick saw himself as another kid who wanted a better life and knew sports, particularly football, would serve as a vehicle to a better life. After growing up with much adversity, he began working towards shifting his perspective from a temporary experience of playing on the field to a permanent purpose of serving those who currently and formerly played sports. Today, Derrick travels across the United States, sharing his story with the hope of empowering others never to yield when facing adversity. He is a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies and his Master of Science degree in Sports Psychology.


In this special episode with Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr., we'll learn about a man who grew up in a challenging environment. It gave him a winning edge in work, mindset, and preparation far from the norm. He will be sharing with us his inspiring journey of how he overcome the unpleasant habit of focusing on selfish ambitions, purpose, and goals. 


"Whatever you're growing through, it's preparing you for where you're going. So, you have to realize that where you're at, you have not always been there and where you are, you don't have to necessarily always stay there." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:16) Introducing our special guest, Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.

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(00:02:14) The early life of Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr. 

(00:04:10) Taking sports seriously.

(00:05:39) Transitioning from majority to minority: The art of reinventing oneself.

(00:07:12) The unfair advantage of being from a more prominent place

(00:09:04) From being on the map to being completely irrelevant

(00:11:11) Wake up call from God: I am here for a reason

(00:12:35) When an unthinkable thing happened

(00:14:22) No other options: Whether to go or be busted

(00:16:18) You don't know until you know

(00:17:30) Peril of focusing on your selfish ambitions

(00:18:13) The biggest blessing in disguise

(00:19:05) Preparing life after sports: When all left fails

(00:20:14) Learning entrepreneurship, sales, and business

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(00:23:36) Who am I outside of sports?

(00:24:42) What can you get from all those lessons the game gave you?

(00:25:08) The advantageous characteristics of an athlete: Unrealized winning edge

(00:27:19) Adding value to people makes you more valuable

(00:29:35) Mr. Furlow's role in Revitalise: It is athletes trusting athletes

(00:33:10) Final TimeOut with Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.: Where do you start to be able to get yourself back to being a better person than you were before the setback?

(00:33:50) If you can view it differently, you can do it differently.

(00:34:18) Transition Formula: Takeaway + Correlate + Carry over = Successful transition

(00:35:46) Connect with Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


Key Takeaways:


"When nobody doesn't know you, you can set your expectations of yourself and create your work ethic and mindset." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"I went from being on a map to being completely irrelevant. Now it's back at ground zero with no offers, no opportunities, and nothing at the table with me. That was the wakeup call that shook me because that wasn't in my plans." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"And I remember the Lord saying, I gave you that stage for glorifying my kingdom, and you used it for your selfish ambition, purpose, and goals. So, I had to take that away to get your attention." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"I remember our first coach said, "look to your right, look to your left, half of you all won't be here when it's time to graduate." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"Not focusing on my purposes and goals and just working on adding value to those I was associated with and with whom I was associated. And that was the biggest blessing in disguise when I stopped focusing on myself." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"If all left fails and this next level doesn't work out, the game has given me some tangible transferable skills that I can apply in my life after sports." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"A lot of athletes could have success in their life after sports if they are to figure out what those intangible transfer of skills is." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"A lot of times, it's figuring out who you are outside of what you do. Because as an athlete, at first you never have to think about who you are outside of what you do." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"There's no way any athlete should transition into life after sport without having a transition formula. And it was pretty simple figuring out all those things that you were good at, good, bad, ugly, indifferent. What can you take away from all those lessons the game gave you?" -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"The moment you start adding value and giving people what they want, you start getting the things you want." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


"Whatever you're going through in life, in the middle of your mess, don't miss your message." -Mr. Derrick Furlow Jr.


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