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TimeOut With The SportsDr. Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

What do other people say about your value? Do you let them determine your self-worth as an individual?

Only you can decide what you believe your worth is, which will determine how you allow people to perceive you. Nowadays, we can easily be influenced by other people's opinions about us and lose sight of our actual value. Our minds can be fed by lies from what people around us say about our worth and how we allow them to treat us. And often permit shortsighted individuals to be bound by their impressions and judgments.

In our quest for value and purpose, we must never forget that we are more than what other people say we are and that we must quit looking for validation from everyone else. Likewise, an athlete can experience the same thing in the athletic field. There were moments when athletes struggled with decision-making concerning physical, emotional, mental, and even financial aspects. However, they must persist in leveraging who they are because that will empower them to find a relationship and pact that genuinely aligns with who they are and the things they can do.


Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros is a former division one athlete, two-time best-selling author, speaker, and a first-generation lawyer who works as the protector of the athletes. As a former athlete, she understood the unique challenges athletes faced and the lack of protection that was often attributed to their turmoil. Her primary goal was to be somebody who could provide a voice for athletes and show them how to protect their name, image, and likeness legally. To understand their rights and value that any amount of money can never compensate.


In this special episode with Sivonnia DeBarros, we'll learn about the journey of a woman who, from being a track athlete, never ceases to chase her dream of being a lawyer. She was the first person in her family to go to law school, so she never had somebody to mentor her and show her how to do things in her chosen field. Atty. DeBarros proves that to achieve a goal, we must acknowledge that we all have specific God-given capabilities and that if we can think of a dream, we can do it.


"It's also important that we are educating college athletes not to be so shortsighted and to not operate from a place of desperation" -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:12) Introducing our special guest, Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros

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(00:01:41) The Childhood dream of track athlete: Who is Sivonnia DeBarros?

(00:04:20) How to take care of your body to be a competitive athlete

(00:07:03) The disparity of treatment in sports

(00:08:28) Name, Image, and Likeness: Protecting your publicity rights

(00:09:30) Atty. Sivonnia's role as a protector of the athletes

(00:11:26) Compensation does not always have to be money

(00:12:17) Do not operate from a place of desperation

(00:13:15) Athletes should recognize their value

(00:16:03) Leverage who you are: You're more than what somebody's willing to pay you

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(00:17:54) How Atty. Sivonnia educates athletes about legal aspects

(00:18:27) Financing strategies for athletes: Make your money work for you

(00:20:20) Importance of the book: "Athletes Making Move."

(00:22:48) Athletes' training must be a priority.

(00:23:32) There is an issue with imposter syndrome in every victory

(00:27:03) Know your principal purpose: What did God put you on this earth to do?

(00:28:31) Even a glorified title can limit someone from achieving more

(00:30:40) Final TimeOut with Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros: Mentality, Tenacity, and Resilience in building your table

(00:32:02) A man is what he thinks he is

(00:34:35) Connect with Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros  


Key Takeaways:

"My goal is to ensure that athletes understand their rights and how to monetize and leverage that. But most importantly, to know how to protect it because if you don't protect it, you won't have any way to leverage or monetize it."-Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"Compensation does not have to be money. Sometimes it's about the doors that can be open in the rooms you can be placed in, and the rooms that someone could put you in could be worth a million dollars." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"We have to make sure that we are not making decisions based on desperation or what other people around us are saying we need to do or should do because they are also so shortsighted. You have to think about your end goal." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"The relationships that we build and cultivate with other people have a much longer lifespan than money." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"I want athletes to recognize their value, but they can do that by turning off a lot of the junk that's been fed to them. It will allow them to find the relationships and the deals that align with them because sometimes you are going to do things for free." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"People who don't know who they are constantly looking for validation. They're constantly looking for people to be their friends, and the problem is they've never had real people around them in the first place." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"Your value is always going to be more than what somebody's willing to pay you" – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"If we don't put certain safeguards in place, who's going to get the benefit of your NIL? It could legitimately blow up in someone who never had anything to do with you." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"We all have been vested with the power to do what is necessary for our good. God wants us to be prosperous people, so you must know who you are and what you want to do with your life." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"This is the one amazing thing about being human, God created us in a way that we can learn anything, and we can use our minds in ways that other species cannot." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"We limit ourselves many times, especially with titles. Once you get a glorified title, it can still limit you even more." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"We have the power to think a thing, and then we can turn it into something powerful like that is gold." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


"As soon as you begin to think something, it is the start of the growth process. If you can think it, you can do it." -Atty. Sivonnia DeBarros


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